I will edit your instagram and facebook video with title and progress bar

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welcome everybody ,
 I will be editing a video for you for only $ 5.  Basically the price of a coffee!
 So if you want to create and design a professional short video for your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account, you have found the right person for this job! This type of content is the fastest way to grow on social media.

 What will you get $ 5 spent by i?

 Video of your social media with title, explanation, progress bar, logo and other options of your choice.
 For an additional $ 5, you can get quick delivery, thumbnail, or royalty-free background music for your video!
 For an additional $ 5, you can get subtitles on your video!  (Most Instagram users watch videos with audio conversion
 For any specific requests please contact me before purchasing.

 Here is a list of what I need to get the job done:

 - Your shots - The titles - Captions text - Logo (if you want to put it on) - SUBTITLES version (only if you wanted it in the video and bought it as extensions)
 Order now!
 I can't wait to start working for you !!
 If you have any inquiries or have any custom requirements please contact me before making an order or communicating via WhatsApp +33644697972 .  I am available 24 * 7.

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